Chapter One: Those Times, Again.

Chapter Two: Under Heat

Chapter Three: Pathfinding

Chapter Four: Magician’s Vendetta

Chapter Five: The Past Hath Teeth

Chapter Six: Getting Started

Chapter Seven: Troubled Princess

Chapter Eight: Past and Present

Chapter Nine: Homunculus Funeral

Chapter Ten: Revelations

Chapter Eleven: Chefs and Chivarly

Chapter Twelve: Where Strength Fails

Chapter Thirteen: Heart and Soul

Chapter Fourteen: Chances

Chapter Fifteen: If Your Face Shall Haunt Me

Chapter Sixteen: Unforgivable

Chapter Seventeen: Towards the Red Dawn

Chapter Eighteen: Brave Hearts

Chapter Nineteen: The Strongest Dream

Chapter Twenty: Fate of Spiral Time

Chapter Twenty One: Heroism

Chapter Twenty Two: The Continuation of Your Dream



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